Monday, 30 April 2012

Our Rock Climbing Adventure

Hey Moms and Dads! We had SO much fun rock climbing. I think we might have made some lifetime climbers out of this trip! It was amazing to see the students conquering their fears and racing up the wall. I just want to mention Alyssa and Charlie as they were truly outstanding and natural climbers! Way to go guys! Everyone deserves a pat on the back though for challenging yourselves and improving on your second climb of the day! Thanks to all the parent drivers once again - you guys rock (no pun intended). 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tentative P.E. Schedule With Driver Requests

Hello Parents,

The following is our tentative P.E. schedule. The * indicates that drivers are needed for that event. Bolded event dates are off campus days which require drivers.

Please note: your child will not have P.E. each of the days listed (as it is only twice a week). K-1 had P.E. on Wednesday and Thursday, 2-4 has P.E. Wednesday and Friday and 5-6 has P.E. Wednesday and Friday. Field trips are clearly marked at which grades are attending.  

If you see in advance a day that could work for you, or an event you would like to attend, please let me know by email. Thanks for your commitment to helping out!

Wed April 18 - Playground Games
Thur April 19 - Rock Climbing K-2 *driver volunteers covered
Fri April 20 - Rock Climbing 3-6 *driver volunteers covered

Wed April 25 - Dance
Thur April 26 - Dance
Fri April 27 - Dance

Wed May 2 - Soccer
Thur May 3 - Relay Day
Fri May 4 - N. Glenmore Park 9-12 Grades 2-6 (orienteering introduction) *drivers needed for 7 children

Wed May 9 - Outdoor Biking (Please bring bikes, helmets and locks to school!)
Thur May 10 - Outdoor Biking (Grades K-1 bikes return home)
Fri May 11 - Glenmore Resevior Bike Trip Grades 2-6 (parent volunteer to attend would be helpful) - grades 2-6 bikes to be brought home.

Wed May 16 - Outdoor Yoga
Thur May 17 - May Long Weekend - no classes(thanks Jackie!)
Fri May 18 - May Long Weekend - no classes

Wed May 23 - Fitness Fun
Thur May 24 - Outdoor Games
Fri May 25 - Orienteering at Sandy Beach Grades 2-6 *drivers needed for 7 children

Wed May 30 - Tai Chi
Thur May 31- Outdoor Games
Fri June 1 - Orienteering at Redwood Meadows Bragg Creek Grades 2-6 *drivers needed for 7 children (I will absent this day - Doan from Gr. 5-6 will help run this trip).

Wed June 6 - Horse Back Riding (almost a full day event - all grades). Outside the city towards Banff (should be a 35 minute drive according to maps). 3 hour lesson (grooming, training and riding per child).
Thur June 7 - Playground Games
Fri June 8 - Outdoor Run/Track and Field

Wed June 13 - Street Hockey Tournament
Thur June 14 - Street Hockey Tournament
Fri June 15 - Street Hockey Tournament

Wed June 20 - Rafting Trip K-6 - meet at school at 7:45 am - finish time 1:30 *drivers needed (Jodi has volunteered as one driver). Rafting the Bow River Horseshoe Canyon and Kananaskis River. Meeting the Canadian Rockies Rafting group at SEEBE (outside the city off Highway 1) for 9 am.
Thur June 21 - Scooter Mission Impossible
Fri June 22 - Scooter Mission Impossible

Wed June 27 - Outdoor Soccer Game @ the Track
Thur June 28 - End of Year Celebration/Heritage Park (tentatively)

Any questions or concerns contact me at

Monday, 9 April 2012

Welcome! A Bit About Me!

Hello Parents, Students, Staff!

Welcome to the elementary physical education blog! My name is Cali Harris and I am the newest teacher at Banbury Crossroads. I just want to briefly introduce myself but I look forward to meeting you all in person and getting to know your story.

I am a first year teacher originally from Calgary but most recently a Lethbrigian. I was married in June 2010 to my best friend Jon, and currently we are working on his new online company (launching this year across Canada).

I have traveled to 21 countries and lived in India for 6 months when I was 18. I am passionate about living an active lifestyle and have participated in many different activities throughout the years from soccer to back country packing. Most recently I played in the Western Women's Canadian Football League (WWCFL), as a running back, wide receiver and kicker. After suffering a big injury I have since taken up running and I am currently training for a run in May.

I consider my passions to be the outdoors, athletics, reading, art, crafting and camping!

I love working with people and can't wait to kick start the last three months of physical education and jr. high science here at Banbury.

Follow our blog for information about our P.E. schedule, drivers needed, off campus opportunities and shining moments in our day to day activities! Hope to hear from you soon,

Cali Harris