Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The 7th and 8th of June

The end of last week was a nice wind down to the big anticipation of horseback riding. The grade 6's were given free time with Doan on a sunny afternoon so the K's and 1's joined them (during their P.E. time) at the big park. It was a nice unstructured play time and the children really needed it and enjoyed it.

On Friday the Gr. 6's and I did some fitness Friday fun. By grade 6's I mean Yannick and Keelan. We warmed up with stairs, did stretching and went for a 30 min run through the barracks. We learned about interval training, heart rates, the bodies response to exercise and endorphin releases. After we ran we decided to play some soccer on the freshly groomed field. It was a fantastic morning - we all agreed coming away from it that we felt energized and in a much better mood!

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