Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Street Hockey Begins - Wednesday June 13th

The K's and 1's learned about the basic way to hold a stick. We didn't focus on rules (besides keeping the stick low) as I wanted to have them working on the skills primarily and the team aspects of the game. I figured out quickly that the one year gap was large enough to separate the two sides. The younger children had more fun and success with the mini sticks and the larger ball. The grade ones were capable to use the larger sticks with a modified larger ball and the big nets. It was interested seeing them respond to different situations - we learned how to challenge someone who was in possession of the ball rather than wait for them to come to you! This made the games more exciting.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to work with this group. I am learning so much from them - how to teach, how to be flexible, how to see my own imperfections and human nature, share with them what I'm learning and grow. We learned a lot from our morning together - how to say sorry, how to play safely, how to be a better team mate, how to respond to people when they are frustrating us. Our stretching and sharing circle was very insightful with the promise of a better class tomorrow :)

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